Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Tuvinian jazz, flowers from a forwarder and a Brazilian on ice

Jazz orchestra of the Tuva State Philharmonic performed in Mira Square in the Universiade Park; a logging machine gave flowers to the champion of the Winter Universiade 2019 in Ski Orienteering Liisa Nenonen on Tatyshev Island; and a Brazilian skater gave a master class at the ice skating rink on Tatyshev Island.

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The day in the Universiade Park began with the performance of the Tyva Jazz Band directed by Sayan Salchak. The band performed classic jazz and rock and roll. Tuvinian song 'Golden Bowl" in jazz arrangement became a special gift for the International Women's Day to all female guests and participants of the Winter Universiade 2019.
Tuvinian jazz was not the only holiday surprise for ladies. The Gold medalist of the Winter Universiade 2019 in Ski Orienteering Liisa Nenonen of Finland received a bunch of flowers from a forwarder which is one of three logging machines displayed at the Forest Plot site that opened today on Tatyshev Island. By the way, for the champion from Suomi, this is a kind of meeting with a compatriot, since the machinery is of Finnish production.
'Here, in Krasnoyarsk, I was impressed by many things,' Liisa said. 'And when the machine gave me a bouquet, it was just amazing. I immediately called my mum and told how great it was.'
The forwarder operator demonstrated his best manners: using a manipulator designed to carry logs, he did not only give women the flowers but also raised a glass in their honour. Alexei Chashchin, one of the site organizers, said that such skills were the result of hard work, although it is possible to grasp the basics of operating this machine in ten minutes: 'For modern youths it is much easier to learn, they are accustomed to computer games.'
Laerte Ruanh de Oliveira de Lima, a Brazilian figure skater and a participant of the Universiade, tested the Tatyshev Island ice rink and took pictures with fans. The athlete admitted that he was enthralled by the Universiade Park, but what surprised him first and foremost in Siberia was not the cold but huskies, beautiful women and excellence demonstrated by his fellow skaters from Russia and other countries: 'Here I have found those to look up to. As soon as I am back home, I will return to training with double zeal.'
We should add that in the evening the Winter Universiade 2019 champion Liisa Nenonen, her coach Tapani Partanen, the Brazilian figure skater Laerte Ruanh de Oliveira de Lima and the Swedish skier Sixten Walheim were the guests of the Evening Show in Winter Hall. 
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