Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Bandy (also called Russian hockey) is a winter game played by two teams (each team comprises ten field players and one goalkeeper).


Sports disciplines in the program of the Winter Universiade-2019

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All Bandy players use ice skates to move on ice. Field players use sticks to score a ball into the opposing team's goal and at the same time not to allow field players of the opposite team to do the same. The goal is protected by the goalkeeper who can not use a stick. The game is played in halves of 45 minutes each. The team that during the game managed to score more goals into the opponent’s net becomes the winner



In 1952 Norway as the host country of the Olympic Games included bandy in the program of the Winter Olympics in Oslo as a demonstration sport. All three teams taking part in the tournament (Sweden, Norway, and Finland) had the same number of points, so the team with the best goal difference won the tournament.

Since 1974 two major Bandy club tournaments have been played: Bandy World Cup and European Champions Cup

The Russian Bandy Federation was founded in 1992 becoming the legal successor of the All-Soviet Federation. 47 regions with over 60 clubs of the Super League and Supreme League are promoting the development of bandy in Russia.

The distinctive playing style of Russian bandy teams includes high-speed movement, good positional play, excellent skating and other technical skills of athletes, a variety of tactics, exceptional performance and strong-willed players. Many world-class masters whose names are associated with the success at the world Championships and other international competitions were fostered by the Soviet bandy school: A. Melnikov, E. Gerasimov, V. Shekhovtsev, V. Maslov, M. Osintsev, V. Plavunov, A. Izmodenov, N. Durakov, Y. Lizavin, G. Kanareykin, S. Lomanov and many others.

The first Russian Bandy Cup was played in 1993.


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Modern version of bandy was created in Great Britain in the first half of the 19th century. In the 1850s and 1870s some English football clubs (Sheffield United, Nottingham forest, etc.) played bandy along with football. After that, independent bandy clubs emerged. In 1891 the National Bandy Association (the first in the world) was established in the UK. The organisation developed official rules of the game. Great Britain contributed to the development of bandy in European countries like Sweden, Norway, Switzerland in the late 19th - early 20th centuries.  English specialists who worked at industrial enterprises in Russia organized football and hockey clubs. That had a significant impact on the development of bandy in Russia.

In 1888 a St. Petersburg student Peter Moskvin founded the “St. Petersburg Sports Fan Club” (also called Sport Club). In 1897 he also developed the first bandy rules in Russia. The first official bandy match played under the approved bandy regulations was played in St. Petersburg at the North Rink on Kamennoostrovsky Avenue on March 8, 1898. This day is considered the official birthday of Russian bandy.

In 1922 the first Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic championship was held with the participation of teams from Moscow, Tver, Saratov, Nikolaev, and Kharkov. The Moscow team won the tournament. Until the mid-1930s of the past century, 6 similar competitions took place and became significant events of the national bandy history.

Federation of International Bandy – IBF (IBF, Internationella Bandyforbundet) was established in 1955. At the beginning, it comprised the USSR, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. The same year the IBF published common international Bandy playing rules.

Bandy world championships have been held since 1957. Since 1961 they were held every 2 years, now the World Championship is organized annually. The first 11 Bandy World Championships (1979 inclusive) were won by Soviet National Bandy team. In 1981 Swedish National Bandy Team won the World Championship for the first time in its history. 2 years later they duplicated the success. After that, the struggle of two teams for the World Champion’s title is going on with varying success.

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