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Ambassadors of the Winter Universiade-2019 — famous athletes and public people and celebrities. Ambassadors’ mission is popularization of Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyark Territory and the whole Russia in the world community, promotion of the ideas of student sports and healthy lifestyle development among people of different countries, generations and interests.


    The most award-winning biathlete of Russia, twice Olympic champion and six-time world champion
    "I am for the Universiade-2019 in Krasnoyarsk as I know for sure what it can give to my children, my city, and my country! I am proud for being an Ambassador of the Krasnoyarsk bidding campaign, I am sure that together we can make it!"
    Famous Krasnoyarsk athlete, multiple champion of Russia and the world in sport climbing
    "I hope that Universiade can give the Krai some modern sport facilities, attract a lot of young people from the new generation to sport, discover some new stars, lead them to the world sport Olympus, and raise the authority of Russia as a whole!"
    "The Krasnoyarsk Territory has always been a sports region. All my friends in Krasnoyarsk do sports. There are lots of champions, and the Universiade is the continuation of this tradition and a recipe for success for future generations. I am very happy that Krasnoyarsk won this honorable right. The city has all the conditions for the high quality delivery of the Snowboard and Alpine Skiing competitions. I think we will have to build something for Figure Skating and Short Track Speed Skating, but the city will only benefit from it. "
    The World Champion in Skeleton 2013 the first one in of Russian Sport History, bronze prize-winner of Olympic Games 2010
    "This is a great honor for me to be an ambassador of Krasnoyarsk Bidding Campaign to host Universiade 2019. I would like to thank for such a trust and promise to do my best to help Krasnoyarsk in gaining the honorable right to host such an important event."
    Honoured Master of sports of Russia, five-time World Champion in bandy
    "For me, being the Universiade Ambassador is a great honour. I accepted this offer without hesitation. Bandy is an extremely beautiful kind of sports, and winter Universiade is a bright, large-scale event. I can say they were made for each other."
    Two-times Olympic Champion, World and Europe Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics
    "There are so many kind and responsive people here. I am sure that your city will get the right to host of Winter Universiade 2019. And I believe that this event will become the greatest one for all Krasnoyarsk citizens"
    Honoured Master of sports of Russia, silver medallist of the Olympic Games in Beijing, first rocket of the world in the year 2009
    "The Universiade opens new horizons for training the future “stars” of Russian and world sports. It was a pleasure for me to accept the offer to be an ambassador: having visited the city of Krasnoyarsk, I saw it myself that it deserves hosting the games of such a high level."
    "I am proud that I am from Krasnoyarsk. I want not only to tell people about the beautiful region and the conditions created here for the athletes. If I am lucky, I want to perform at the domestic Universiade as a part of the national sports team!"
    World champion, twice champion of Europe, Champion of Russia, eight-time winner of various stages of Grand Prix in figure skating
    "Having gained the right to host the Universiade, Krasnoyarsk can become a real factory of winter sports champions. The new sport facilities are serious investments into our future victories; if together with this construction we develop children’s sports, we will reach some serious results soon."
    Soviet and Russian ice dancer. Honoured Master of sports of Russia
    "Krasnoyarsk Krai has a great target: to become the capital of the Universiade in the year 2019. I am sure that this target is possible to achieve. From our side, we will be active..." "Krasnoyarsk Krai has a great target: to become the capital of the Universiade in the year 2019. I am sure that this target is possible to achieve. From our side, we will be actively promoting the idea of holding this amazing event on your land."
    World Champion, twice champion of Europe, champion of Russia, eight-time winner of various stages of Grand Prix in figure skating
    "Being the Ambassadors of the Universiade is a great honour for all of us. With our efforts we want to support not only this big sports event in our country, but also the future of the young people of the whole region. We wish Krasnoyarsk to achieve the victory this year, and I am sure that in the year 2019 our athletes will not let us down!"
    "I will do everything possible to do a great deal of representative work not only on the finish, but before that. We should be proud of Krasnoyarsk Territory. Also we should understand that Krasnoyarsk is really capable of delivering the Winter Universiade 2019 at the high level."
    International Master of sports in track-and-field, participant of the Olympic Games in London, winner of some stages of “Samsung Diamond League”
    "Universiade is a colossal sport event not only for the region and the country, but also personally for me! Being an ambassador of a competition of such level is a great responsibility. Sport has no boundaries or limits; sport spirit is the same for all of its kinds."
    Champion of Olympic Games 2002 in Figure Skating, four-times World Champion
    "Universiade is the biggest international championship among the students. Our country must create a firm basis of student sports to return its leading position in big-time sport, including Olympic Games."
    "Until recently, we did not have “Academy of Biathlon”, and now we have the complex of European level. We will manage to complete everything in time, and all the venues will meet the world standards!"
    Honoured Master of sports of Russia, Champion of the Paralympic Games in London.
    "I believe that Krasnoyarsk needs the Universiade. I am sure it can be a powerful stimulus for the development of Krasnoyarsk sport as a whole, and in the end it will open the new sport stars to all of us."
    "I know how important it is for Krasnoyarsk to deliver the Universiade. Friendly and sincere people live here. I have no doubt that everything possible will be done to provide the athletes, coaches and spectators with the maximum comfort. "
    Russian TV anchor. Host of the Premier League and First League of KVN (“Club of the Funny and Inventive” TV show)
    "Universiade is a very good thing to do, and I am sure that this festival of sports can take place in Krasnoyarsk in the year 2019. For this we need every citizen of the Krai to believe in themselves and to realize, that with the active support of everyone it will all work out."
    Player of the National Hockey League, Honoured Master of sports of Russia.
    "Hockey is included into the winter Universiade programme, for this reason I, as a hockey player and now also as an ambassador, am interested in this event, colossal for the city of Krasnoyarsk. As Universiade-2019 can give a powerful push to the development of youth hockey. "
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